Game Code Evaporated

Well first of all hi!
Second of all… I was coding on a project and it was already quite big and laggy… Today I was coding on it and I edited a Function and added another number to it… then the display of the call function was weird so I refreshed the page… Then poof… Hundreds of blocks gone… I have it uploaded on github and very recently before it evaporated I uploaded it! I only have .uf2 saves of it! I can retrieve it from github though right?
Edit: I got the code (not fully) from github and I found out that uf2 files can be used to restore them! Still I want to report this problem! The variables are all still here and 2 things with some blocks (10 blocks of 1600 remain) I refreshed and reopened a lot but its gone for sure


The whole code or just part?

Well 10 blocks stayed (the ones I worked on at that moment) and a comment field which adds up to 1500+ blocks… I did get the code back though

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Yeah thats wierd, atleast you got the code!

@DahbixLP were you signed in when this happened?

Yes! I am always signed in! The cloud saving was also active… All that was left was 1 Function with like 8 blocks and a On game update every 5000 ms with some blocks and a comment (it was all in my vision when I refreshed… seems like all I didnt see when I refreshed disappeared!
Also! is there any way to get an older version back from github! Currently Im on 1.5.0 and what if I wanted to have 1.4.0? I can only find the code in the releases but dont know what to do with them!

I made an anigif…let me know if it doesn’t help.

Microsoft Edge - Microsoft MakeCode Arcade 2023-03-17 at 6.40.12 PM


Same happened to my project too…

Was cloud saving involved

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We had a cloud save bug slip through, and it was a pretty serious one. It could actively erase project contents. Sincere apologies for that! We’ve deployed a fix. Please let me know if you’re still seeing any issues.


This happened to me but it was only small details that were deleted.

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