Stop updating too much!

Stop updating too much!
While I was working my game on makecode arcade, an update suddenly appears and completely deleted my game! I thought that was a small bug caused when updating so I created a new project and remaking the one that was deleted. but like a few minutes later, another update popped up vanishing all of my tilemaps!

It happened to me too yesterday. I coded something for my mario game, then the website refreshed and it was gone and then I coded it again and then it refreshed again and deleted it again. This happened five times in a row

Can either of you tell me whether this happened when you went back and forth between text & blocks, or if it just refreshed randomly while you were coding?


and it refreshed while I was coding

This happened to me today to me to it said update or something about upload required. Then it jsut reset me, but I’d copied my game a a google doc.

And that’s why I save manually to my pc

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It happened randomly while coding in blocks

Yeah, it happened to me too. We had a hot-fix and the browser needed to update, but it shouldn’t have eaten code. Fortunately, since I was around in the days of no accounts, I make a point to both save projects to my computer and copy share links so I always have multiple back-up sources in case things get erased.

When MakeCode updates, it should only need to happen once, then it will be done for quite a while. If you find that it’s happening multiple times in a day, you may want to check and see if you have any other MakeCode tabs open that could be keeping old versions alive.

Sadly I’m not using a PC so I can’t save the game manually

I have an update: We found a serious bug in cloud save that could erase project contents. Sincere apologies for that. This might have been the cause of your data loss. It would only affect signed in users. A fix was deployed today. Please let us know if you experience any more problems of this nature!

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