Game Design Instructional Cards

I’ve made several instructional cards for my classes.
Those cards are based on MakeCode Game Design Concept and I revised a bit to fit my class.

There are 10 pieces of instructional cards in total and all of them are based on mini-projects.

It can be a really good start for Arcade. My students enjoyed it a lot!
Hope this could help others who wants to kick off their Arcade journey!

I can only put one image in the post - here is the link of all instructional cards.
[Resource] MakeCode Arcade Game Design Concepts Cards


Nice but I know that.
Maybe others can see :upside_down_face:

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@cora.yang These are great! Thanks for sharing.

I have also used MakeCode Arcade during lockdown with my students. It’s such a great platform. I’ve been really impressed with what they have been able to produce.

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I love the instructions on the basics with sprites and controllers

These are awesome!!! I’m going to send them to the rest of the team!


These are so good!

Thank you! Same, I used it for students during lockdown. They really loved it!

Thanks! I have something more, I’ll share it later!

Wow! I did not know teachers used these

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My library teacher will love these!