Game Design Unit - Primary school Students

We are designing a game design unit for learners aged 7 to 10. It will be a sort of project based learning experience during 4/5 weeks.
We are still designing it and thinking how we can cover different areas etc…but initially students will be exposed to different kids of games and learn about them, what makes them good etc.
They will then look at coding - basics and try out coding microbits, scratch, make code arcade and some robots we have in school.

Then they will be put in teams - maybe 2 or 3 learners and have to work together to make a game. I am thinking this will be in MakeCode Arcade.

What skills or lessons could they follow to learn how to make a game - I know some of the younger learners will most probably have to follow one of the game tutorials and will only be able to replicate that. But I am hoping others will be able to do some KEY lessons and then apply that knowledge to create their own game.

There will also be a component where they learn about the teams of people that work together to make games and their jobs. There will also be an English Language Arts component where they look at persuasive writing and they will create posters and an advert for the game they make. For art they will make pixel art.

How does this sound, I am worried that the learners are quite young and it might be too much. Does anyone have any advice, resources, etc that they could share?