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alright, I was wondering how much the HP should be for the final boss, is 10,000 a good amount of health? I feel like it may be a huge amount.


It depends on how much damage you deal. If you deal 10 damage a second, then that boss would be way overpowered, but if you deal 1,000 a second, then it would be super weak.

Depends how much damage your player does - Just think how many hits will it take to kill the boss.

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It depends on The game, is it hard, easy, fast-paced. If it’s hard then I guess 10,000 should be enough to make players ragequit (lol)

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Depends on how much damage the player does

Sounds good :slight_smile:

the game is turned base and by the time you get to the boss starting damage is most likely 15 (unless you put your skill points in something else) but there’s a card that buffs the damage up.

Hmm. So if you wanted the battle to last ~20 hits, maybe 400 health? it seems your 10,000 health boss would take at least 667 hits witch seems like a lot for a turned base game.

the first boss can be easily completed by spamming support and heal and it has 600 hp, so maybe 5000? The different cards can decrease the amount of turns it takes.

also its the final boss, so maybe it could take more hits.

You should try to experiment and see what works best! If it seems too easy, add more health. If it’s too brutal, decrease the health

Good idea!