Game Idea, You create, I code!

Here’s the rules! You give a comment FIVE WORD LIMIT and I code it in! The IDEA must be five words or less, you can however have information NOT RELATED to those five words, and you can’t post two comments in a row. After submitting an idea, you have to wait for another person to submit an idea before you do. This game will start with nothing, and I will code your ideas if they are feasible in blocks (I.E. you CAN comment “platformer with randomized platforms” or “top-down shooter with zombies,” but NOT “full 3d engine”, “3d game exactly like minecraft”, or “smash Bros with 55 charactors”). Words like “top-down” or “side-scroller” with a dash count as one word. Also, each idea will be ADDED to the game, so no multiple games in one, and ideas after the first one will be ADDITIONS instead of new games. This I think will be a cool concept so please comment your five word ideas below!

platformer with bananas


Stealth game with A.I epico.

speaking of ai, ai chatbot

epico??? Did you mean epic or something else? (you can expound a little bit because it’s my fault I don’t know what you mean)

Stealth game about hijacking an air ship. Kinda like Infiltrating The Airship. Epico. (Epic.)

cool clear collectable crackers

star wars episode 3 platformer

Wait woah woah woah the ideas are supposed to BUILD on the previous project (platformer with bananas), NOT be new projects.

@CyberPulse your idea would be cool because I could make the monkey be the main character and be stealthy, and @TheJaky I could make futuristic crackers for collectibles, but star wars 3 I think would be harder to fit in with all the other themes, sorry @hunters4658, and also, I can only code so many things at once, YOU CAN, @hunters4658, post an idea, and I probably will make a Star Wars 3 themed level (somewhat), but to be clear, this is now ADDING to the previous game, to be clear. Sorry if this kind of a letdown, but I did state it in the original instructions.

jetpack and fall damage

Also, @personalnote your idea is the last one until I add the features in the game.

PLEASE don’t post any more ideas anybody until I’ve finished coding the game (as I also have school, an ai project, and a bloons tower defense project to work on and don’t have the most time in the world). This project is STILL in development, but any more ideas would be too much FOR NOW.

Please don’t post any more ideas until further notice/i’ve coded the game!

Thank you!

Gravity based power ups

Sorry @Sirbull, but this will have to be added next revision. :frowning:

Gun Blazing

2D crash bandicoot (since star wars may not work for you, I´d thought of giving you something easier since I am impressed with your mario demos)

Now, @personalnote’s (first), @CyberPulse’s, and @TheJaky’s ideas are implemented! I will start coding the other ideas in the comments currently and for now, please don’t comment ideas as I already have many!

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i dont mean to be rude, but

(it has to be based off of the last idea, @Kiwiphoenix364 says.)

I did it with 4 crackers collected