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Game Jam Around Accessible Gaming

Howdy! My background is in assistive technology (AT) with some familiarity using the Makecode Editor for Microbit and Arcade. I also help run a local chapter in NYC for Makers Making Change, an organization aiming to connect makers, disability professionals, and assistive technology users in providing access to affordable AT.

Adaptive gaming seems to be quite a hot-button topic and I’ve been kicking around the idea of creating accessible games for kids with disabilities who may struggle with playing commercial video games (they are either too complex, too fast-moving, etc.) I was thinking this might be an interesting Game Jam and that Makecode Arcade might be a great platform to help engage parents, therapists and other novice coders to help create games for their loved ones. There is currently a One Button Game Jam on Itch that is starting in January but perhaps this one can be a one or two-button game Jam?

In any case… please feel free to reach out if you have any tips or are interested in this topic.

All the best,


Hi @loretod

I’d love to participate in a game jam like that.

The meowbit has IO connectors and an accelerometer like a microbit board, so we could also think about hardware design and ergonomics.

Yaaas @edubsky! That’s a great idea. I haven’t gotten my hands on a meowbit but I like the idea of being able to access those pins with alligator clips as well for custom switches. Are they capacitive by chance?

I was also thinking it would be cool to create a 3D printed case for the RPi with a place to solder in monojack connections to the pins so people can plug in their own current switches to play the games. I’ll keep you posted for sure on the progress with planning.

I think they’re resistive, but I may be mistaken