Game Jams

What is the difference between the Mini Game Jams and the Game Jams, and how often do each of them happen?


Mini game jams dont have prizes and does it ever monthly
Game jams have prizes but yearly

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Game jams are HUGE tournaments with a specific theme! they are usually annual!
Heres a link describing Mini Game Jams!

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Game Jams at this rate only happen once a year wile mini game jams happen every month. Game jams have winners and sometimes prizes, and mini game jams have no winners and no prizes.

Mini Game Jams happen on the first Monday of a month, if I am not wrong. I’m not sure about regular Game Jams.

I guess mini game jams are just “mini” versions of regular game jams? It’s kind of in the name already.

A mini game jam is more casual and the games are played on stream. With big game jams, they are more difficult to set up and the games are ranked in some way. Mini game jams happen monthly, and big game jams don’t have a specific schedule. Hope this helps!

Okay, thanks!

Is there a consistent prize for winning the yearly Game Jam?

contestant or consitent getting 1st place or 2nd place 3 rd place for Game jams

a badge on the forums is definitely one of them. but any other prize I am not aware of.

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When will the next Game Jam be? I saw that the last Game Jam was November, so it’ll be soon, right?

The first monday of every month? For November, the 7th is the first monday. Which means only one thing…

There’s a game jam coming up.

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I Mini One… (Sad Noises)

There is gona be a big one over winter break like last year right?

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Do you want there to be another big Game Jam?

  • Totally!
  • It would be nice.
  • Meh.
  • Nope!

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