[Poll] Mini Game Jam Interest Poll

Hey folks!

We recently wrapped up our second ever Mini Game Jam and I promised on stream that I would be sending out a poll about how we could make these jams more fun for everyone. Well, here it is! Please take a few minutes to answer these three questions.

Additionally, if you have any other thoughts on Mini Game Jams and what could be done to make them better, leave a comment in this thread!

How often should we have Mini Game Jams?

  • Once a month
  • Once ever other month
  • Once every three months

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How long should you have to work on your Mini Game Jam submission?

  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 1 month

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What types of Mini Game Jam themes are you be interested in participating in?

You can pick more than one!

  • Genre themed jams like “Platformer Jam” or “Rhythm Game Jam”
  • Mechanic themed jams like “Single Button Jam” or “One Minute Game Jam”
  • Content themed jams like “Ocean Jam” or “Halloween Jam”
  • No-code or coding optional jams like “Pixel Art Jam”, “Level Design Jam”, or “Music Jam”
  • Jams where you get a base game that you have to remix/alter/reinterpret in some way

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when is the mini game jam startting?

@Opistickz I’m thinking the week after next. After this next mini jam, i’ll establish a regular schedule (e.g. first Monday of every month)