Game link maker broken?

For some reason, the link that comes with my game is broken. Ive tried to redo the link, but to no avail. Any help guys?

P.S: I’ll post the link to my game here once this problem is finished.

Can you share the link anyways? It’ll help me figure out the problem. Also, are you using or

Wow! that was a fast reaction time…

Here’s my link:

Also, im using

Ah, your project got flagged as inappropriate. I’ll see if I can take a look.

Ok. Thanks!

I think ive found the reason that my project has been flagged. I wrote “frick” in one of my unused codes. I didnt think it would do anything but maybe it did. ill change it and try again.

Yup, it works now. Thanks for telling me the reason for why it didnt work!

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Also, is there a place where i can post my makecode game?

Best place is here! There is a “Show and Tell” channel for sharing games