Microsoft MakeCode

Game Loading Issue

A student shared their game with me, but it looks like most of their tilemaps and sprites didn’t get included with the game they shared.

Also, when I click on the tilemap square, my mouse automatically grabs the block and all the blocks below and won’t let go. I have to refresh the browser to clear my mouse pointer from the block.

I am curious what is going on in this situation.

The student used text for objects not tiles and you need to use tiles for it to work

This shouldn’t happen IMHO. They should try and fix this, because it does break the editor. When you refresh, definitely get rid of the 2 “set tilemap” blocks, and put in the proper tilemaps. The overlaps haven’t been done right either. They have image code in them instead of tiles. Those tiles need to be available, or this won’t run.

Hmm, so the “blocks stuck to my cursor” behavior means there was a crash in the blocks workspace. In this case, it looks like somehow the underlying data for the tilemap was corrupted which causes the tilemap editor to crash when you click it.

The warnings next to the overlaps blocks are also pretty odd–the img`chest2` text should be something like assets.tile`myTile` , which we know to intelligently render as the image of the tile. I haven’t seen someone get into this state before! Was the student going back and forth between text and blocks? Or the assets view and blocks?

Unfortunately I don’t see the art in this shared project at all so it doesn’t seem recoverable from this link. If your student still has their sprite art and tilemap on their local machine, they can use ctrl+A and ctrl+C to select the entire tilemap and copy it into a new project to try and save their work.