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I noticed this button in the editor! I really like the idea, it feels like a journey with locked levels! Right now it has a space exploration game and platformer. Will there be more?


Yes, and we’d love any feedback you have! (On how it behaves, current content, anything!)


I like the idea that you must complete each tutorial before moving on to the next. A great idea that slowly adds more information based on the previous I guess (as I still need to go through the tutorials :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


Perhaps I am being just a little pedantic, but I found a few spelling mistakes:

Also these are a few tips that might make it clear on how to do things:

  • click the dropdown and select the menu option ‘Rename variable…’

  • “From the ‘Math’ menu, place a …” (the color of the block does give a clue, and of course the example given each time, I have admit)

  • It might be nice to know that you can add an effect when destroying a sprite.

  • When starting the ‘Fuel Up’ tutorial, I was expecting the ‘example’ code to continue from the previous step (where enemies were added)

  • My attention spans is terrible, I almost forgot that ‘set projectile to…’ is found in the ‘Sprites’ menu. :grin: Also, if someone was creating the game by following the steps inside another browser, then renaming the variable ‘projectile’ to ‘fuel’ would have overwritten the projectiles from the previous step. Maybe you could explain to create a ‘New variable…’.

  • myEnemy is a spelling mistake, this should be ‘fuel’.

  • the last step does continue from the previous, but the code from ‘Projectiles’ is still missing.


  • this step is missing the code where the array sets the image of the projectile
  • the ‘set position to’ is not shown in the Sprites menu, but the block ‘set mysprite x to’ is there.

I feel like I have deserved this. This is such a nice incentive and great idea to encourage coders.

This approach of coding a game is so much better, especially when it comes to finding blocks in the menus. Great job team!


Great feedback! Tagging @KIKIvsIT @shakao @richard ^


Thanks! I’ll be working on this exact thing over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to tag me directly with text-related issues.

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Awesome, super appreciate the feedback! If anyone else tries this and runs into bugs or has notes on the tutorials or structure, we’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

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