Game Menu for adarfruit pygamer

Has anyone been able to load multiple games to the adarfruit pygamer? I loaded a game yesterday and it immediately plays. I was hoping there would be a game menu of some sort.

There isn’t a game menu currently for the Adafruit PyGamer. There is a game menu if you use a Raspberry Pi. There are tutorials on it on the Arcade Docs.

Any ideas about what it would take to build this? Maybe an extension that can load games so the main game is a menu?

An extensions would most likely not be enough.

You would at least have to modify the bootloader to start loading a game from a specified position in flash, instead of a pre-defined one. You would also have to figure out how to load several games onto the flash and remember the “start position” of the game code.

Or, you could somehow integrate all the games you want into one big program and selectively run different parts of the program depending on which game selected. This will at least, require using Typescript.

TBH, I don’t feel qualified to explain this. You should ask one of the MakeCode team members, probably @mmoskal would know.

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Sorry for late reply.

What you could do, is to store multiple games in the external SPI flash and add code to the bootloader to display a menu with these games and copy them to flash when the user selects them. This could be implemented as a swap if the same is not yet in the SPI flash - this way you could get new games into the SPI flash.