Run a game at Startup

Is there an easy way to tweak somewhere on Arcade Pi to have it run a game at startup? I’m working on using the editor to make an intro video / attract mode and want it to auto run. Would be even cooler if there were a timeout on the menu screen where if it sat idle for longer than a few minutes, it would auto load that file to play the attract mode.

I’m having kids build some bartop sized arcade cabinets for a few places in the school and trying to get them hyped up more about coding their own games.

Yep! The menu on the pi is actually a game itself (the source code is here: If you name the game .menu, it should overwrite the menu game.


We should add some logic to the menu to start a game randomly after going idle + game should know it is is “demo” mode too


Thanks. I do want to use the menu still. I’m going to run this like a kiosk where kids can add a game but also play other games that people have added. For the time being, I think I’ll just manually add a “game” that is the little intro video and we can click to run it. I like Peli’s idea of the demo mode.