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GamePi20/Joy Bonnet/Picade collaboration


I am looking for people to collaborate with to figure out how to configure and test the use of the GamePi20(GPIO), Joy Bonnet(GPIO) and Picade(?) DIY Arcade controllers for use with MakeCode Arcade games running natively on Raspberry Pis(Zero etc.), launched from RetroPie or RecalBox using the McAirpos launcher.

I don’t have easy access to these controllers myself and they seem to be pretty common and in demand for DYI Arcade he projects with MakeCode.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I will follow up to the best of my abilities.

Please join or create a corresponding issue here at GutHub for easier collaboration:


Forgot to mention the Retroflag GPi CASE(GPIO), which I have encountered quite frequently.

It would also be great to achieve a configuration for and test with MakeCode Arcade games and McAirpos!

Hopefully/Maybe they are so similar in their controller interface, that if we get one working, it will also work for the other ones with no or little modification. Anyways, I am guessing the knowledge of one at least will go a long way in helping with configuring the others.

Hope to hear from someone with any of these popular devices!

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The GamePi20 handheld GPIO controller now confirmed working with McAirpos:

Thanks to the GitHub user @marjian88 for collaborating and testing!

Anyone with a popular Joy Bonnet, Picade, Retroflag GPi CASE, or maybe the fun PSPi who would like to collaborate on getting them working with MakeCode Arcade games, or already have successful experiences with them that they would like to share with the community, please open a respective issue at the McAirpos GitHub repo!

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Happy to announce that the popular Picade DIY arcade controller today was confirmed working with McAirpos!:

Thank you very much to the MakeCode Arcade fan and GitHub user @rdmueller for all his help and testing!

He has also hinted that he might make a go at getting the Retroflag GPi case’s controller to work with MakeCode Arcade games on the Raspberry Pi with McAirpos, so stay tuned!

Still hoping for help in a new Github issue for each of these controllers:

  • Joy Bonnet
  • Retroflag GPi
  • PSPi (Othermod reports “…there might not be much work needed to make it work on my setup. I’m running basically stock RetroPie with a custom controller driver, and the driver is compatible with just about everything out there…”)

Maybe also @Neslou soon will write two summaries for us of his experiences with the GPi and the PSPi?