Geometry Dash Collab?

I had this idea for a while now…
I found out that a lot of Makecode users plays GD!
What if we all made a collab in GD? That would be cool!
We all make a layout, and we try to decorate it!
You guys agree?


ill help.

sure. that could be fun!

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Sure I’ll do this

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2 kinds of people?

Or 4 kinds of people?


I kinda made a mistake on the poll…
Here is a new one :smiley:

What can you do?
  • Layouter
  • Decorater
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@PixelDoodle @AbstractDesigner I need you!!!


I said I messed up!

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I mean, I could possibly layout a level.

Um we need a song so what song are we going to use? I prefer the white space song

what difficulty is it

I could playtest if needed

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Ill be honest, it’s way too much effort to recreate a fully-fledged song like white space song, for a 5 minute ripoff.

I have three themes to choose:

  • Makecode Arcade Themed
  • Layout themed
  • Do any kind of decoration crap
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(We are doing a collab in the real geomerty dash)


@AbstractDesigner are you joining?

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OH! my bad, I thought it was in makecode!


Here are songs that I like!

Choose one to use
  • Moon Raiders - DJVI
  • Something Different(Feat. Talurre) - DerpcatOfficial
  • EnV - Bloom(Radio Edit) - Envy
  • Outbreaker - Hinkik
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After the song is chosen, I will tell people is going to layout and decorate

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I think a 7 star will be okay!

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Song chosen! Outbreaker by hinkik! So @JustAnotherGdPlayer @BlastBoxGames and @Longlinh89 (me) will be doing the layout! @DangerNoodle will be playtesting! @JustAnotherGdPlayer @TeddyB @Longlinh89 (me) will decorate!
Parts will be chosen soon!