Geometry Dash Ripoff

Can anyone help with a GD ripoff?
Here’s the link:


WOAH!!! That’s cool! Maybe use the builtin story extension for a level select. It’s easy to code and you should figure it out. Just search “story” in the extensions category and a picture with 2 masks pops up. Click it, then use the player choices block and previous choice boolean to create a simple menu.

I recommend you move the jumping code from the on A button pressed block to a game update loop into a if (A button is pressed) block, as that will allow the player to hold down the button to keep jumping.

I fixed the jumping button :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately the biggest size for a map is 255, is there any way I can expand the map?

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You can make like where it touches a point it will make a new tile map and then put it at the start of the new tile map

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@AbstractDesigner here is some sample code that shows how to chain tilemaps together:


I made this demo a while back, it only stores height values (seeded) but it switches out generated tilemaps on the fly, it could be possible to have something do this but for specified columns of tiles! (Although you would have to make some script for taking specific columns of tiles from a tilemap and importing them into your current tilemap, as well as if it goes above 255 it switches to the next one.)

I’ve tried to do that on some of my games and for some reason, when the game gets to the menu part, the whole thing just freezes. It’s the same for most of the story blocks. Does anyone know what’s up with that?

Is it because the numbers are different?

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I copied what @richard did on the tilemap connecting thingy, but does anyone know why this doesn’t work??

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Ah, looks like you’re using 8x8 tilemaps instead of 16x16! You need to swap out the number 16 with the number 8.

Also, make sure when you add tilemaps to your level array that you drag out a new block from the toolbox instead of copy/pasting. If you copy paste, you’ll just be editing the same tilemap as the first level.

Here is a fixed version of your project:


the gravity is too hard for me

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I know this is only my opinion infact I had beat all levels of GD last year I had not played the game since lol

You’re right lol
Is there any way I can make the gravity a little bit easier like the real game?

Also, the level resets itself at a weird location after the new tilemap loads.
Is there anyone who can make the next part of this level?

How about use the Platformer extension i always use those

What’s a platformer extension?

Can anyone make the music too? I want a decent Stereo Madness that has chords.

Here is an updated version of my project:

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