Why is it going strait to Level 2?

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At the start you set the level to 1. In the on overlap event food, you change the level by 1, which becomes two, and then you check the value of the level.

But it doesn’t touch the goal at first.

Level 1 and level 2 have the same tilemap, so it’s impossible to tell which one it is.

You’re right! How did that happen?


It still doesn’t work. Is this a glitch or careless mistake?

Edit: Wait, now all the tile maps changed to level one.

Edit 2: I have multiple tile maps in my game, but it seems like the tile map extension doesn’t work for 8x8 tile maps.

Can someone please help?

Maybe it’s just a bug, so try copying the JavaScript to another new project. And are you using Beta?

Post a new version of your code so that we can see where you’re at. I looks like you’ve made some changes since your original post.

ok, here:

So, this code is working correctly … but it might not be working the way that you want it to. :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with using Debug mode in MakeCode Arcade?

Yes, I am.

Excellent! I’m not sure what you want your code to do, so I don’t know how to help you fix it yet. Try this, though, to see why certain blocks are running.

Enter Debug mode and set breakpoints in the first block of the overlap function and in the Level 1 function. If another function seems to be running unexpectedly, then try setting a breakpoint at the start of that function to see if you deduce why that function is being called.

If you’re still stuck, let us know what you’re trying to accomplish (or which part is not working the way that you’re expecting) and we’ll try to help you from there.

Good luck! Love the look of the game!

I tried that before multiple times, and it didn’t work, so I came here :grin:. When I draw the level 2 tilemap, it sets the level 1 and level 2 tilemap to what I drew. I think it is a glitch. I want to produce different levels. I tried using the “tilemaps” extension to handle multiple tilemaps, but it doesn’t seem to work with 8x8 tilemaps.

Wait. Do you mean that when you draw your level 2 tilemap, the level 1 tilemap changes too?

That is correct.


I tried that.

odd very odd

It’s not a bug guys… You guys know that new assets update? well I do. When you copy and paste a tilemap, you have the asset name with the tilemap you copy and pasted. I copy and paste one of my tilemaps that is named “asset 3” and edit the new tilemap that I pasted, it will change the other tilemap that you copied from because it has the same asset name. I hope all of that makes sense. I’ll post a link that makes an example with comments on it so you know what to do.

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Looks like we may need some help from the MakeCode team.

I’m looking at the code where your tile maps reside:

I’m used to seeing entries for each tile map that is created in Blocks. I only see the level map, though. Strange.

@GameGod I also can’t find the extension that you are using for 8x8 tile maps. I’m not familiar with it. How did you add it to your project?

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