Goomba like enemy

I need help in creating a bumper like enemy that moves left and right whn hitting walls but i just can’t figure out the code, can anyone help me please?

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On Sprite kind "Enemy" Hits wall at (Location)
if <is (enemy) Hitting wall [Left]> then
It is just detecting collisions then changing the x velocity.

no i cant

Yea there is a way! If you overlap you want to check vy (velocity y) and see if you are falling! Set player volocity to -100 (the jump thing) and delete!

Jump with A
I had an Idea though! Imagine a wall thing like in the tilemap editor but in the sprite editor! Different kinds! A solid one (like a wall), A wall but bouncy (run against to push) and one for hitbox! So e.g you have a pointer and mark the hitbox on the tip!


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Thanks guys!

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i think you should make it where the goomba spawns on the floor