Grade Levelled Lessons

I would like to use MakeCode across my Elementary/Primary classes Yrs 1-6. I would like an idea of levelled lessons from beginners (pre-readers),through to intermediate, through to more advancd lessons for my learner. Is there some sort of ‘Scope and Sequence’ chart?’ ie. A starting point; then a logical progression!

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Hi @Tricky,

Thanks for stopping by. Mind if I ask which MakeCode elements you’re thinking of using? Arcade, micro:bit, Minecraft?

While micro:bit does provide quite a few activities that are scaffolded and reach down into elementary school, the Arcade lessons tend to require more reading and are targeted at students in 5th+.

If you would like to begin with micro:bit, this page does a good job of breaking lessons down into age groups:

Just scroll down to the Lessons Overview.

They also just released a companion to which is scaffolded to courses C-F (approximately 2nd-5th grade)

Arcade is still in the beginning stages of forming a complete pipeline. We do have quite a few activities targeted at 5th - 8th grade, however our only formal sets of curriculum are for high school.

We are on the road to creating a more plentiful guide, however our team is quite small and it will take a while to give it the research and attention it deserves.

If you should happen to put together a path that you like, feel free to post it here for other teachers to see…and in the meantime, tag me in replies if you would like help pinpointing the targeted ages for any specific tutorials or skillmap activities.

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