Grandwatch Raiders Discontinued

It’s sad to say but Grandwatch Raiders is being discontinued. It was a fun project to work on but it just takes so long to even start coding due to loading being slow. Another thing is that tiles, I’m basically running out due to pages and how I can’t even access unlimited. Now for the story, you can say what you want about how it ends you can create an idea of how the story ends but yeah.

Another thing I wanna say is that there is ONE last update coming, it is going to be adding a mission known as The ‘Vault’. It is a procedurally generated mission, although I really can’t promise it will come out but eh.

Finally, there will be another heisting game, it will still have characters from Grandwatch Raiders, also GR will not really be canon anymore to any game that relates to the Cubeworld so yeah. But with some more information on the game, there will not be a sorta pattern of some sort with the missions it will just be like, Do this heist, Do this raid. So yeah, it’ll be different. Another thing is that I might include some sort of combat but that is not guaranteed.

That is all I have to say!

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