Grappling Hook Playground!

A massive expansion to “Grappling Hook Demo”! Can you make it to the top?


  • New physics engine relying on acceleration
  • Added small jump after grapple
  • Added new aiming system
  • Added new tilemap

There are probably other tweaks that I don’t remember too.


Very confusing but I like the concept of the game. Well done!

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Use left and right arrows to move left and right. Use up and down to aim, A to shoot. After the grappling hook has hit a wall, press A again to go to it. (its super fun to be on the other side of the wall that the grappling hook is connected to because it tends to do weird things to the physics engine) If you want to release the hook, press A again. This makes it so that you can use it again (after a cooldown so there’s no infinite wall climbing). The aimer is also the indicator for when a grappling hook can be shot (it turns red and white).

I hope I explained this well.

Curiosity speaking

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Well, yes I knew that. I’m just saying the game is hard to control when you fly all the way up when you let go of the grappling hook. Was that intentional?

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I made it so you do a jump after you release so that when you release it, and you aren’t too far from the top of a wall, then you can get up there. The jump is only supposed to be about 2-4 tiles and if it’s more than that, it’s probably a glitch.

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I think that’s what i get for playing on a laggy computer. lmao

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