Hanoi Tower with Darts

Hanoi Tower game with 4 discs decorated with Darts extansion.



Bugs fixed.


Found a bug. Press b while a block is midair.

Yes, fixed.

About the game and control.
As in the normal Tower of Hanoi, the goal is to move the disks from the first column to the third using all 3 columns. Placing discs on top of each other is possible only following the rule - a smaller disc on a larger one.
At the beginning of the game, you can select the number of disks in the game by pressing B button.
The disks are moved by navigating with arrow buttons and throwing by pressing the A button.
The B button allows you to change the disk that will be next to move.
When throwing a disc, you can miss, touch the edges of the screen, try to put a larger disc on a smaller one. In these cases, the disc throw is canceled. The exception is the upper border of the screen, so that when the disc is thrown, it can go higher and reappear on the descent.

Sometimes in the game it’s not possible to navigate the disc to the desired location with the current setting. For such cases, added the ability to randomly change the power of next throws. To do this, while the disc is moving, press the B button.

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Bugs fixed.