Bloons Tower Defense v3

h e h e


While in map selector:

  • and (on keyboard you can also use a and d respectively): Choose between maps
  • A (on keyboard which is q or space): Select map to play

While in-game:

  • , , , and (alternatively you can use a, d, w, and s): Move cursor
  • B (on keyboard which is e or enter): Open new tower menu if on blank tile, otherwise upgrade menu. Note the overlap point is at the very top left of the cursor.

While in menu:

  • and (alternatively you can use w and s): Move cursor
  • A: Select option

For playability, it is recommended to play (or edit, cause it was all made in blocks) this on a high-end computer.

Lots of similarities between the last version as well, so if you played that version you’ll be right at home, including in some of the maps. (*cries in an inability to design tilemaps*)

Also, it seems like the game dialogs (like “Not enough money”) like to break my TilemapPath extension and throw an error so try to avoid doing that while in a wave lol.

Please don’t hesitate to report bugs and suggestions! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (hopefully monkey wizards, spike factories, and subs make it in a future update but no promises!)

Extensions used

You can look in pxt.json for the exact dependencies as well. :slight_smile:

If the loading time is too slow, you can edit the project, find the set_variables function (next to the on start block), and set dart_angle_precision to a number between 1 and 360 that is also a factor of 360. (ex, 36) (defaults to 60) The higher the number, the more “high-resolution” the rotation of the projectile. Significantly low numbers (<8) can affect the dart precision. There are also other variables in there like game_lose_on_0_lives and lots_of_money which should be self-explanatory. :slight_smile:

GitHub repo:


It was the sharks, the serpents, and now… balloons


you never stop making good games, eh? that dedication tho, damn