Have you coded a Boss Battle?

Hi, all! I’m working on an new article around creating Boss Battles in your games and I’d love a few amazing options to point at inside. Here are the headers for the areas I’m highlighting:

Epic Visuals and Sound Effects
Intuitive Signaling
Emotional Impact
Unique Attack Patterns
Progressive Difficulty
Identifying Weaknesses
Multiple Phases
Strategic Decision-Making

Show me what you’ve got! And let me know if you think your game highlights any of these individual topics particularly well :slight_smile:


Here it is! My Boss Battle, in Dark vs. Light 7, and the hardest boss I’ve ever made!

This thing has (in my opinion):

*Visuals: 4/10 - nope, not much on visuals.
*Sound Effects: 0/10 - no sound effects, sorry!
*Intuitive Signaling: 5/10 - there is some story before each phase, so I guess that’s something.
*Emotional Impact: 8/10 - ok, there is A LOT of lore behind this boss fight, so if you play the previous games you’ll feel the impact, hopefully…
*Unique Attack Patterns: 10/10 - yep! This thing literally throws robots at you, teleports, and shoots depending on the phase!
*Progressive Difficulty: 9/10 - this is really, REALLY tough. It slowly gets harder, and harder, and harder as the fight continues.
*Indentifying Weaknesses: 7/10 - this works, because the robots (aka Ulators if you know the story) defend Appius (the boss’ name) during the fight and you must shoot between them.
*Multiple Phases: 10/10 - this fight has 4 phases; updated forms of @henrym’s Blocky Boss Battle. This fight takes like 15 minutes.
*Strategic Decision Making: 10/10 - this is definitely a thing. In the last two phases, you’ll need to use your MP more wisely.

So that’s it! If you want to know the story, go here:




Blocky boss battle is a classic example!


Btw, not my project, I just realized the question is “have you coded a boss battle” :sweat_smile:

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