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Blocky Boss Battle

Here is my attempt to create a bullet-hell-style shooter game:

(old version: _5qfcJU65egL6)

This simple bullet hell shooter is made purely with blocks (image is for old version):

It features:

  • Enemy Life Bar
  • 4 phases of basic bullet pattern motifs like aiming at player, multidirectional shots
  • Slow movement mode for precise dodging


  • Press arrow keys to move your player
  • Press A to shoot
  • Hold B to stay in slow movement mode
  • It takes 12 hits to proceed to the next phase
  • When the boss life falls to zero, the player wins.

Give it a try. Change the patterns. Have fun!


Wow, this is incredibly good, great job! I love the different phases of the fight, and that each attack pattern felt just right in bringing its own challenge to dodge.


Thank you for your kind comment :smiley:

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This is really great! One of my favorite genres, and love the multi-stage fight

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This is a amazing game and I love it. At first I tried and failed horribly and when I used a auto clicker well lets say in 10 seconds flat I won.

i couldn’t help myself machine gun power up

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I got to the 3rd phase, also have you played Touhou?

Bruh I also beat it without cheating

ha, same. all you need to do is spam a and just avoid the projectiles when it comes to the second phase (i think?)