Helicopter Rescue (game)

My latest game…hopefully the wait was worth it!

The object of this game is to rescue all the POW’s while avoiding Anti-Aircraft fire. To score a point you must pick up the POW and return him to BASE(land on the roof). The first one is easy. The rest not so much. Once you reach the end of the jungle map you’ll arrive at the POW camp. Land in front of the CAMP and wait for the POW’s to run to your helicopter. Once you have as many as you can hold head back to BASE and unload, then start all over again. So far my best score is 22.

Have Fun!


One thing I did notice, is when the helicopter is destroyed I am using particles. But they only seem to work the first time, after that the helicopter just disappears when hit, without the particles.

That is wickedly challenging. Love it! Great game!

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This game is missing some LOVE…

Needs a refresh it seems.

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