Hello, im for hire

Hello, I am willing to help with any game you might be strugling with.
I am not that good with sphisics but I would love to make levels or random genorators.
I also might be able to help with your bugs.


hello, @plasma_knight I need help with the new big game I am making: https://makecode.com/_T3m14wezx2oY there is too much to do. You can find the trailer here:screaming souls trailer

I have also noticed you liked my “simple code idle game” and it is your 2nd most replied topic.

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could you make an isometric game with ismetric controls isometric tiles and you can jump onto different levels like sonic robo blast please?

what exactly do you want done?

I am trying to get more enemies and bosses and the goal is 7,800 rooms. I am working on it now.

can you make me a scary monster for a sprite for my horror game

i see you are a man of culture. i’ve also been trained in your jedi arts, by Count Dooku!

A seed gen

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