Working isometric game

im working on adding jumping so you can jump on the enemy and jump onto levels of hills


hours and hours i got it the JUMP


This is pretty cool. I like the gravity stuff or whatever it was.

thank you so much @SoftTalker softtalker

I think you can make isometric controls
Like you can diagonally control

Hi wanna make it a iso RPG aka a isometric RPG?you can put stuff there I’ll try to make a house there

The possibility of making Minecraft Dungeons is finally here…

Atually i am making that game now?!!?!?!?!

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im glad people are able to use this , and btw you can add animations to the floor itself like moving platforms and flowers that move in the wind if you add extra frames on the animations of the walls and layer

also if you want to add fences or walls at the bottom stopping the sprite from just falling off the cliff then just make a copy of the sprite that changes the gravity to 800 and change it to -800 so it bounces back onto the sprite like a wall

we need makecode dungeons

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awesome! can’t wait to see what you do

sorry forthe late post but my cp is to weak to have a bunch of code so i have to cancel

dont worry about it. Happens all the time to me as well.

im going to try to make makecode dungeons lol