Help - corrupted files?

I’ve been working on my first project, and I think I may have lost a day of work. I saved (as .png) at 8:30ishpm, 10:00 and 10:01 as backups. They won’t load, and the code on the cloud wasn’t working either. I’ve got one stable file from about a day ago, so all’s not lost, but if anyone can recover any of these, I’d certainly appreciate it. Looking forward to sharing this little game when it’s done.
arcade-The-Fable-of-Zelba (16)
arcade-The-Fable-of-Zelba (15)
arcade-The-Fable-of-Zelba (17)

OP here. Maybe don’t bother with this post, as downloading these photos didn’t work as expected. The file sizes are way too small, anyways to have my code in it, (mine should be a little over 100k). The good news is that I’ve gotten about 50% back to where I was. I have to be careful about switching browsers and making sure files are properly saved before exiting the editor. Hope to publish my first project “The Fable of Zelba” very soon.

I’m a big fan of the series (The Legend of Zelda) and I look forward to this game! Keep up the good work!