Blocks and assets all missing!


I’ve been coding a game for a few months now and have been logging into my Microsoft account to be able to code multiple places and it hasn’t had much issue; However, today when I opened the game as usual everything was missing. The blocks were all gone as well as all the custom assets I had made. I tried to convert the code to js, but now it cannot return.

I’ve yet to try another computer, but I’m quite worried several months of work are now gone. Anything that may help would be appreciated.

Hello @OliverLugira I’ve had the same issue before when working on a big game. I worked for about 1 month on it when all my blocks and assets disappeared. I haven’t found a solution for this yet. In the end, I had to restart and redo all my code. Do you have any links or PNG files you saved? If you did you can use those to either reference your restarted project or to build on the link or PNG.

Could it be a bug in the editor @richard?

This happens to me every once in a while, just remember to manually save next time you work on a big project so you can recover the file in case of this happening again.

I don’t know how you might recover the code, so I’m sorry about that…

Oh no! I’m so sorry this happened. Do you remember what you were doing with the project at the time? Were you accessing it from a computer you’ve used before or a different computer?

If you happened to have downloaded your project at some point (either as a .hex, a .uf2, or .png) then you may be able to use that to recover your work. Just use the import button on the home screen to import the file. Any share links you’ve made can also be imported this way.

Additionally, if you loaded your game onto a device (e.g. a meowbit, pybadge, etc.) then you can recover the .uf2 file by putting the device into bootloader mode while connected to your computer. The usb device that appears should have the .uf2 file on it.

Hello, I didn’t know you could recover the file from a meowbit, I did put it on one recently, so I will look into that later. I did want to say I was able to recover most of the code as it ended up in the “undefined” folder in JavaScript mode. After copying and pasting it into a new game it mostly worked, but anything needing the assets crashed the game. Thankfully, I did have an older version of the game with most the assets made, so I went into that one deleted all of its code and copied the new game into it. This seems to have been completely successful; however, I cannot go back into block mode as the game is too big.