Help me please

I want to make a shop system for my game. I want there to be multiple categories from which the player can choose to buy stuff. The player should be able to but skins, weapons, upgrades, and more. If anyone can tell me how I can implement it into the main menu. Thanks. If anyone can also make a prototype I will be ever grateful.

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Sure I will try

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Here it is! (Skin is the colour of your pfp)


Thanks a lot

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It is very nice of you to put this together. The implementation is awesome; I might just have to use this some time in one of my games. I just made few improvements:

  • Exit & Back are variables.
  • Checking which menu item is selected is taken from the various arrays.
  • Pressing B while the menu is already open is no longer possible.

The menu itself is an extension that @richard made, and can be found here:

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Thanks for the help.