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I’m a big nub at this and I am trying to make a multiple choice response thing. Like in Pokémon where you walk into something and there is a question and 4 answers and each answer had a different response. IDK if this makes since but I need someone to help me pls.

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I have a gist full of MakeCode extensions that are very useful. One of them is the block menu made by @richard:


thank you

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Hello Again, It me, umm I got stuck trying to implement this into my game and I was wondering can you help me out. I don’t really know how to use this that well. I tried to make another game where I just talk to another sprite when they connect. This is the game I tried but I found some glitches that bugs out the game.

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This is what I would do:

  1. Instead of running code in the menu selected event handler, I just set a variable to true saying that something in the menu was selected.
  2. I would make a function that blocks until the user selected something. Then call it right after presenting the menu to the player.
  3. The ifs will run after the user selected a choice. Say the user selected hello. Then the first if statement would run. If the user selected how are you (since it’s the second choice) then it would run the second if statement instead. And arrays in programming are based on 0, not 1. So subtract 1 essentially.

Man those explanations were crap. Hopefully, this will help.


thank you again, your a true life savor :slight_smile:

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