Help Me unsignedArduino

Can anyone tell me how to use the same graphics as @UnsignedArduino in the Music Requests topic, where the text for the song fades out and in for the name and artist? This would be appreciated as I have a little secret sriftreilart (not a typo)coming up and I would love for the graphics to be amazing.

PS: I want the solution in blocks please (only do Java if it can’t be done any other way)

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For the color fading, I use this extension:
To print text, I use this extension:

It puts blocks in the Images category to print text onto an image, although to be honest, I feel like this should be included by default…


Thank you so much @UnsignedArduino this’ll help a lot with my sriftreilart (has anyone figured this out?.

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oh no @UnsignedArduino, I’ve ran into a problem:

When I try to assign this variable to say something at x:120 and y:120 it says ‘Argument of type ‘String’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘Image’’.

What’s wrong???

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You want to print to an image, not a string. word is a string.

I think you want something like this:
You can also use the screen block in the Images category. But are you sure you want to print to 120x120? That’s off the screen…

Oh yeah I just put in a random value tbh, and thanks for the assistance!

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