Help needed with Pen tool size in Streamer

Hi @peli ,
For the #streamer, is it possible to add an option to choose the Pen size. It would be great to have atleast 1 size smaller than the current (lets say the Laser Pointer size is perfect) and If streamer could grab any pointer/stylus devices. I am planning to use a drawing tablet to write on the screen while I explain some topics and would love to be able do some writings using a finer tip.
Warm regards
MINT Genie

Yes there is a pen size. On the top left corner when you are in canvas mode there is 3 squares. small medium and big. press on those and you get different sizes

Coming back to this… right there is no pen size option yet in streamer. I’ll have to add that. I’ve recently improve the iframe caching so it’s easier to switch.