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The topic reporting provides timely teacher feedback observed from my Streamer experiences as well as my observations from high school students’ interacting with Virtual Learning Sessions. Overall, the integration of Streamer into MakeCode appears to be a major achievement for Microsoft. Teachers around the world can create professional videos for their students to replay at a later time. You can find a few questions and recommendations (below) that your team may find informative while making improvements to MakeCode’s Steamer:

  1. Have you tried to record the sessions without resizing the browser?
  2. What is the integration flow from MakeCode to YouTube?
  3. Can you find better placement and documentation of the Steamer icons?


  1. Have you tried to record the sessions without resizing the browser?

The importance of resizing the browser does not appear easily achievable or desirable for teachers, depending on the school district. Before recording, the message says, “Resize your browser to match 1920X1080.” I would remove that requirement altogether. Rather, you should say "for best results, you should consider resizing your browser to … " Then you should allow teachers to record their browser on makecode/STEAMER.

  1. What is the integration flow from MakeCode/streamer to YouTube?

TEAMS automatically stores your videos online, so teachers can access their videos and publish them for students. The value of recording is only is the way it is able to be published for students.

  1. Can you find better placement and documentation of the Steamer icons?

As a teacher, I would prefer to have one row of icons that represent the features. I think having two rows of icons is difficult for me as a teacher. I only initially observed the top row of icons and did not notice the second row of icons. When the teacher hovers over the first row of icons, you can have a pop-out that have a sub-set of icons for the user. Also, when you want to stop a feature on Streamer, the teacher should be able to click the icon a second time, therefore the teacher would know that that icon is not still active.

As a teacher, I would want to see your Tutorial video that is under setting more at the forefront. There could be the Tutorial video more dominantly displayed inside Steamer. Also, I would start the documentation for basic features that you think would be legacy features of Streamer moving forward. You could have a documentation writer with examples of the usage of different icons in Streamer to give the user some context for adding certain features.

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(1) streamer was built initially for streaming where size matters, but it’s evolved to something else and we don’t need the resizing option anymore. I will remove it.
(2) yes we could upload the video to onedrive upon completion. we could also upload it to github.
(3) great feedback at the 2 rows. there’s a lot of options in streamer; we’ll do a design review on those.

The resize hint is still helpful. Could we have it be optional somewhere?

I do show the screen size in the settings view so you can set it up prior to recording.

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I also fixed the size computation. Now correctly explodes the chrome of the browser.