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How to make your enemies appear in random rows in make it code arcade

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In random rows you say…
Are you talking about tilemap rows or maybe the x and y rows that are like 160x120

tilemap rows consist of 8 rows to fit the whole screen. (more like 7.5 since 120/8 is not a whole number.) but anyway…

there is a random feature that can make sprites pop up in random rows too.

I´ll post a game that will be based on the galga tutorial.

Besides have you tried it yet?
You can learn how the rando block works in the math section. its a pick random from ¨some number to somenumber¨

what do you mean

If you want them to come from a side set them to be x 160 and set position y to random between 100 and 20
(The screen hight is 120. But if you set it to y 0 it will not be in screen fully!)


thank you

thank you

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Do you need a link to it? I’ll make two so you can look at the code afterwards