Help “software problems”

When I try to connect to my computer via usb the drive doesn’t pop up I have tried multiple usb cables and computers but the drive won’t pop up.

Hello & Welcome

sorry to hear that …

What Operating system are you using ?

Which Version of Micro:Bit?

Could You please try the following …

1.Connect Micro:bit to computer with a known good data cable - do any leds on the Micro:Bit light up? if so which ones?

  1. in your web browser goto…
  2. Click on the 3 dots next to the DOWNLOAD button
  4. Click NEXT TWICE
  5. In the CONNECT box does your Micro:Bit show up ?
    If yes Click on it to highlight it & then Click DONE
  6. DOWNLOAD button should now have a round symbol - click DOWNLOAD

8 ) After a few seconds DOWNLOAD should read DOWNLOADED & Micro:Bit should display "Hello " & a flashing heart

if this doesn’t work let us know what happens & we can try some other things

It will not connect with multiple usb cables. I am using version v2.21.


Have you got access to another known working MicroBit to test ?
It’s sounding like your MicroBit may be at fault if you’ve tried different cables & computers?