[Help wanted] Looking for translators for my game!

Hello everyone!
You might be familiar with my game, Deliverimania!
In a recent update, I’ve introduced a selection of languages, including English, Spanish, Greek and Croatian, but I’m looking for more localizations! If you’re a speaker of any foreign language, feel free to apply as a translator! For now, I’ll assemble a team of translators, and I’ll provide the terms to translate at a later day.

So far, two people have offered to translate the game:

I’m still looking for the following languages, but also any others that have speakers on the forum, so just vote in the poll if you’d like to participate

  • :fr: French
  • :de: German
  • :jp: Japan
  • :ru: Russian
  • :india: Hindi
  • :earth_americas: Other (reply)
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(P.S → this is a repost since the first post didn’t show who voted… whoops :sweat_smile:)


I can translate it into pig-Latin



I know how to say cheese in french

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I can translate into Bork, Bork, Bork!

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There’s already a full Spanish translation


Come on guys! The first post had a few votes!


i know a bit of japanese if needed?

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would you like an actual japanese characters to write or the english kind of version for japanese?

i can do latin (lol but idk how you would do a flag)

Do you mean Swedish, or? :joy:

Alright, just make sure to vote in the poll so I can write you down!

Japanese characters would be preferable. I don’t mind which alphabet is used, as long as it’s Japanese

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Can I Translate it to pirate for the memes