Help with a double jump

So im making a game that is like a zelda 2d game.
And i want to do a item that makes the character jump two times.
Is there a way to make a double jump?

Are you doing a sidescroller or a topdown game?


The way I usually do this is using a variable! Let’s call it “number of jumps”.

Whenever the player touches the ground set “number of jumps” to 0. Then, whenever they jump, increase “number of jumps” by 1. Only do a jump if “number of jumps” is less than 2.

You can check when the player is on the ground using an “on sprite of kind player hits wall” block in the scene category and then putting an “is sprite hitting wall bottom” block inside of an if-statement.

I still did not get it :confused:

Here’s some sample code:

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Thanks :+1:

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