Help with Animation and Flip

Hello All,

Trying to use set anim (animation extension) to create a left and right walking animation. Trying to get fancy where I have one set of source images that I can flip as necessary to avoid unnecessary graphics work. This approach seems to fail where I try to copy my right image into a left image variable. And then flip…but it acts like it is flipping the source images. If I just set the ‘left’ images equal to random images from the gallary, all works fine. Once I set left = right and then flip…all breaks…any ideas?

BTW: if I simply remove the commands after the call to doMarioWalkRight, the right animation is fine.
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I don´t think you can flip animations. That´s my guess. I´ve tried doing it before but I can´t crack it.

Not trying to flip the animation itself…trying to flip some source images to help built the animation…

Ah yes, so all these variables reference the same base image; we never automatically clone an image in order to keep games performant on hardware devices. You can use the “clone” block:


to make a copy of imgMarioStillRight before you set imgMarioStillLeft, and that should give you the flip behavior you’re expecting!


That is the ticket! Works. Thank you for the insights into arcade…