How can I easily reverse an image in the image editor?

I was trying to use the Animation extension to animate the walking behavior of the princess in this project:

This princess sprite doesn’t appear to have a set of right movement sprites. I also couldn’t find an easy way to reverse the sprites in the editor. I ended up copying the JS source, reversing the strings, and then copying it back in.

I’m sure there’s an easy way and I just missed it.



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No, there isn’t an easy way in the editor. In the image section, there are blocks to flip the images.

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It is a feature we want to add when we have time though! Mainly just needs a bit of time / thought on where to add it without cluttering up the editor and making it harder for new users to understand.


Just do what @UnsignedArduino is suggesting; flip the images.

Here is an example of setting up the animation images for walking left, cloning them and flipping them for the images to the right, and having the player move across the screen. :+1:


Oooh. I like that a lot! Thanks!!

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