Help with destroying more than one enemy

I was wondering if anyone could help me with destroying more than one enemy, if I put more than one overlap it cancels out cause I’m using one sprite for the same thing. however, if I use overlap and put another sprite in it will destroy both. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this thanks.


u can put one array of kind enemies and in the array destroy value

you can always get an othersprite block and make it so if mysprite overlaps othersprite destroy othersprite. You can also destroy all enemies by using the tilemap extension’s “destroy all sprites of type ()” block. I’m not sure what you mean completely so I hope this helps

sorry, i was kinda unclear, i was having a problem of having a projectile destroy one enemy but not being able to destroy the other without putting it in the same overlap block but it would kill both.

Inside the “on sprite of kind Projectile overlaps othersprite of otherkind Enemy” you’ll want to make two changes. 1 Change “destroy alien” to “destroy sprite” 2 Add a “destroy othersprite” block. Unless the two enemy sprites are perfectly overlapped at the point where the projectile hits the first one then the projectile will be destroyed before it hits the second.