Enemy taking too much damage when colliding with multiple projectiles

So the problem I’m having is that when my player fires multiple projectiles in a row and they all collide with the boss enemy some won’t be destroyed by the “On Overlap” function, and damage the boss multiple times without being destroyed. Does anyone know a solution to this? I think adding a delay to the firing projectile function so too many aren’t fired at one would work but idk how to do that. Also any other suggestion to the game are welcome.

(Just go straight down the center hallway to the final boss room, pressing A fires projectiles but only down)

Replace “projectile” to “otherSprite”, which can be grag out from above line.


One fire a time worked because the variable storing the last fire projectile you just created. But 2 fire at same time, it never pointing to the prev one any more, so you can’t detroy prev fire with it.
Instead, using the “otherSprite” please, it always storing the fire overlaping right now.


Yep that worked, Thanks!

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