Help with game

i have a game that uses random mechanics, and while i have finished it, it keeps on crashing. Can someone help me find out what exactly is breaking?


Ok! Problem solved! I changed some stuff! Basically stuff withh taking damage and so on! Also the follow blocks were wrong! You set the sprite House and set myenemy to follow me! but you had to set the myenemy thing to sprite house! Also I changed the bullets! I set ammo to 10 and made it so that it is not a projectile because when I pressed A a projectile appeared on me and projectiles hurt me! So I set it to a sprite and set position and velocity! Here you go!

Well… I know this seems to be your first game but there is some issues! First! You don’t have to do this! image
It works also like this! image
So I fugured out the bug by using the Debugmode! If it is active and a error appears it shows you the block that makes that error! The error is the stuff with the overlaps! Because that is the first thing done and there is no sprites yet! So it means that you are trying something for a non existing sprite! You would have to do a unlock variable for all of them… but I will do that for you! I will be done soon!

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