First game

first one i’ve done so it probably isn’t perfect


For your very first game I think it is fantastic. I especially like how blocky animates and makes a sound as it shoots, and also the music in the background. My urges compel me to want to tweak it just a little, so I came up with version:

(I’m such a nerd :thinking:)

I changed a few things:

  • When creating a sprite that leaves the screen (a bogey), you need to ‘auto destroy’ it; otherwise the game will start to slow down after some time (since the number of sprites within the game keeps increasing). Since the random position was at the edge of the screen, setting it to ‘auto-destroy’ meant that it never appeared. The bogeys now appear just inside the screen by taking into account the width and height of the player.
  • I realize now that a projectile still stays on the screen, even after it overlaps an enemy, and you have destroyed it. A changed the behavior of the projectile, by manually creating it, setting its position, 'auto destroy’ing it and making it disappear after an overlap.

I think you have some really good ideas when it comes to developing games; keep up the good work. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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A fun little block game! Shooting stuff in space.

Not everyone is perfect. We just all have to learn and keep moving on so we can fix our mistakes

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Great Job skyhigh! I love it, and the more you learn the better you’ll get, i can’t wait to see something else you’ve made! :heart: