Help with my game about the up button

How do I disable the up button so my character stays on the ground except when he is jumping

Could you share a link to your code? Here’s a GIF showing how to do that:

2022-01-11 10.49.58

Here is a link to the code

Thanks! You can detect if your character is on the ground or not using the “is hitting wall in direction” block. Based on your code, it looks like you want the character to fly if they press left/right in the air and stop flying once they hit the ground. To make that happen, I altered your code a bit:

I made it so that all of the code that start the flying is within a “is not hitting wall bottom” if statement.

Then, I added an “on game update” to check every frame if the player is back on the ground, and set the vy in the “move with buttons” to 0 if they are.

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