Help with my game

Hi I have been working on this project from the past few days nonstop because it is due in the next two days and I have been facing a lot of trouble. I keep getting errors and I am pretty new to this website and coding and general so I would love some help and feedback. The objective of my game is for monkey to catch as many bananas as he can in 30 seconds. And if he catches the mushrooms instead he loses points. So for every banana collected he will get 10 points and for every mushroom collected he loses 5 points. I am also having trouble with how to work this website cause some of my stufff has deleted many times and I am getting pretty frustarted. I am in urgent need of help so can someone please get back to me as soon as possible.


I’m not good at debugging stuff but I manage to make the game work by removing the thing semi-circle in blue and added the semi-circle in red

Just repeat the same process for the bananas for the mushrooms.

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