Immediate help with a game Im creating

Hey guys, I am working on a project that I need to submit in the two days and I would love some feedback and help on my game. In my game I am trying to make a monkey in a forest catch as many bananas in 30 seconds and earn 10 points for each banana collected. I am pretty new to this website and never really learned much info on how to use it. I also added mushrooms - so if the monkey eats that then he loses 5 points. I have been working on this assignment non stop from the past few days and I keep getting errors. Whenever, I try to fix something another thing comes up. Below is my website, and it has my game attached. Can someone please get back to me and tell me things I will need to change in order to fix my project.

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Here is a general idea of what you need:

thank you so much!!! this really helped me understand and put it together :))

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You’re Welcome :slight_smile: