Helpppppp emergencyyyyyyyyy

What do I do when I want the apple, the heart, the spaceship to destroy when it touches the blue line.

This is my code so far, and it is not working! Help please!!!

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Can you send the link to the new version of your project? That should be working if you made the kind of the blue line = Wall.

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idk if this information is correct but i think i remember reding on the forum that for some reason sprite.overlap doesn’t work on a sprite of dimensions 1x120 (x,y) so that might be the problem

Here is the link, when it touches the blue line it decreases 2 heart when it is supposed to decrease 1

This seems to be happening because you’re using tiles as the finish line (instead of a sprite) and it’s possible to overlap 2 or 3 tiles at a time.

It doesn’t work when I tried putting it as a sprite though.

Then what should I do?

Well, you could go with the method I offered originally. Also, you don’t really need to destroy the apples or hearts at the line. They’ll destroy automatically when they get off screen if you use auto destroy like you do on Bogey.

I have another issue, which is when I touch the spaceship I lose 2 life, when I want it to lose 1 life. What should I do?

That’s already been addressed in this forum. Please refer back to the original post.


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Ok, sure. Let me just try. Thankyou so much for your help

Awesome! Way to be persistent!

Nevermind I got it fixed. Thankyou so much though!!!